What is Ascension financial assistance? Ascension financial assistance is offered through private foundations and organizations that support the work of religious organizations. Many private foundations and organizations offer these types of assistance.

If you’re interested in applying for ascension financial assistance but don’t know where to start, the best place to start is by looking online. While it may seem overwhelming to begin researching different options, the research process can be made easier by starting with a shortlist of the many available Ascended programs. Whether you’re interested in learning more about these or are simply concerned about how you can qualify to receive financial assistance, you’ll find all the information you need online.

Types Of Ascension Assistance

As a member of an organization, you may choose to accept or refuse financial assistance programs. If you have special needs, such as low income, military, single mother, child, or other, you may need specific types of financial services that only those organizations can provide. The following information will help you understand the types of ascension assistance available.


Assisted Living and Home Assisted Living (HALA) programs are examples of ascension via the Christi program. These services provide in-home assistance to seniors or the disabled. In most cases, a licensed medical doctor is responsible for evaluating your health condition and recommending which services would best suit your needs. Most health care services are scheduled for daily or weekly visits. Services include but are not limited to housekeeping, personal care, laundry, transportation, medicine, and related services.

 Legal Information

Ascension assistance programs may also provide legal assistance. Their financial aid will not only cover lawyer fees but may also cover educational costs for law school, seminars, and seminars related to legal matters, such as wills, insurance, real estate, probate, and so on. Ascension is fully liable for the cost of legal assistance provided by its affiliates, and partners, as well as any other incurred legal costs.

Assisting with Estate Planning

Many Ascension financial services also offer in-home assistance for those needing to prepare and organize their estates. These services aim to keep senior citizens out of the loop, so they do not leave anything to chance. Ascension ensures that all legal information is updated and available for use by anyone who might need it, in case legal questions arise. This includes legal procedures related to wills, estates, trusts, and the like. The full range of legal information and services offered by ascension include: 

  • estate planning
  • probate
  • elder law
  • tax returns preparation and filing
  • property taxes, and the like

Ascension Business Services Homecare

A good way to improve the quality of life for old and frail people is to assist them in maintaining a comfortable living. One way to achieve this is to offer home care. This is ascension’s way of giving business services home to seniors. Senior home care is an important service provided under the auspices of the ascension financial assistance program. It includes but is not limited to; bathing, feeding, exercising, and medication reminders.

A good example of these necessities is health care services – home care. Home care services involve but are not limited to such health care options as:

  •  eye care
  • hearing care
  • medication reminders
  • help with bathing and dressing

Ascended businesses also provide medical equipment, however, it varies depending on the client. For example, if a dentist provides the services, the dentists would need to purchase their equipment.

Where and How to look for Ascension Financial Assistance

A good way to start when looking for ascension financial assistance is to look in one of two categories: private support and public support. Private support is often provided by local businesses that have decided to support the Masonic community’s educational, spiritual, and charitable endeavors. A good example would be the Grand Lodge of Colorado. These businesses and organizations provide two means of income: a percentage of sales that the lodge receives in their location as well as a flat fee that they pay the Lodge every month in return for their support. Usually, the flat fee requires a large sum of money, which is why it’s important to apply for financial assistance as soon as possible.

The second category is public financial assistance. This category consists of many different agencies and organizations that provide financial assistance to Masonic families each year. If you have a phone number show up on the website of one of these organizations, then you’re probably in luck. Most organizations in this category are not nonprofit, but they do want to provide education and other resources to families in need.


Ascension Financial Assistance Programs aim to make life better for the old and the disabled. To achieve this, the Angels’ Financial Assistance Plans have helped thousands across the globe. The majority of these assistance ascension programs were started ten years ago. With this, I am sure you will not find another organization that has helped so many at the same time!

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