Accelerated Income is a company based in the state of Florida, USA. Its main business proposition is to offer financial solutions for small business owners. The company was founded by Bill Stratton and David Norton, two stalwarts in the arena of financial advising and business leadership. They felt that the financial problems of many small businesses are caused by misunderstandings between creditors and debtors.

Debtors and creditors must work together to find a mutually beneficial solution that neither party feels they are losing. It has been found that most solutions are far more complicated than that. Creditors and debtors have very different expectations of how the payment of debts should take place. They also expect different levels of income from the parties involved. A solution that works for one client may not work for the other because of financial problems and personal backgrounds.

Bill and David Stratton knew that financial solutions are only possible if they are part of a comprehensive program that includes:

  • sound money management principles
  • good personal finance management skills
  • a long-term plan.

They wanted to provide financial planning services to their clients, but they felt that they had to start at the ground level by offering simple financial advice to potential and current clients. This is how the company began.

The Solution-Plan

The first part of the solution-plan is called Ascentive Financing. This will pay for the necessary information technology and human resources required to launch your new business. The money you raise through other means, such as grants or Angel Investors, will be applied to paying for the initial business costs. Once the necessary infrastructure is in place, income can be generated using whatever methods you choose.

Part of the solution-plan is Expenses Management. Your income will be based on how you spend it. Bill and David Stratton believe that all expenses should be managed. When you draw up your expense accounts you should try to pay everything off as quickly as possible so that future income can be maximized. By reducing unnecessary spending, you will create a smaller financial footprint, which should improve your credit rating.

Cash flow as the part of Expenses Management

As you can see, expenses and income are important in any business. One of the pillars of financial planning is known as Cash Flow. In the business world, cash flow is everything. In accord with this, each month you should draw on a minimum of funds to finance your activities. You can do this by taking the money you make at home and applying it to paying down debt or investing it in an asset such as a business. As you draw more into your bank account, more money will be available to spend on whatever it is you wish to pursue.


Financial Success comes from building and sustaining a long-term relationship with your clients and patrons. It is important that your customers feel that you value their business and look after their needs. If you can build a strong client/purchase relationship, your income will increase. In accord with this, you will have more discretionary income, which you can apply to paying down debt or investing in your business.

Ascending Financial Solutions draws together a team of experts who have combined their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help clients manage their finances. In turn, they know that you may be just starting and looking for simple solutions to complex financial problems. They will assist you in making wise financial choices and will also give you access to resources that you can use to grow your business. This group of individuals wants to help you succeed, and believe that by helping you make decisions, you will be able to make better financial decisions in the future.

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